Why buy a board from JARVEN Surfboards?


JARVEN Surfboards is operated out of Engadine by Steve Middleton. Steve started shaping at home before he started to work closely with Graham King of King Surfboards. In doing so he has gained valuable experience in shaping a whole variety of surfboards. His aim is to provide great customer service in a fun and informative way and to produce high performance, high quality custom shaped surfboards. He is more than happy to answer as many questions needed to get you onto the right board and even has demo's available to surf so you can build confidence in your decision before ordering. Steve prides himself on making his customers feel unrushed, content that they are choosing the right board and ultimately happy with the end result.



Where are JARVEN Surfboards Made?


We make our boards in Sydney, Australia using all Australian products.

We use blanks manufactured by South Shore Foam Kirrawee, where each Blank is individually made by Graham King himself. A veteran of the surf industry for more than 50 years Kingy undoubtedly produces the best blanks in the world.

To ensure quality and consistency, all the surfboards are designed and shaped by Steve Middleton.

FCS II plugs are installed in our boards and FCS X-2 (round black plugs) and FCS Fusion plugs are also available.

We also print our own Decals which are used to add art, graphics and designs to the boards.



Can I order a surfboard shape that isn't on your website?


Yes, we often have full custom orders for unique surfboards. These are on file and templates are kept in storage. So if you don't see it on our website we may just have it on file and if not we'll design, shape and make it for you.



Why buy a custom made Surfboard?


Dealing directly with the shaper ensures you get the personalised experience of buying a new surfboard that is the best for you. It is essential to get the performance, buoyancy, volume dispersion, shape and dimensions right for you to get the most out of your surfing. You will more than likely have your board for a long period, so it is worth taking the time to work together with Steve using your feedback, old boards, demo boards, current models and Steve's shaping knowledge to ensure he gets all these factors right and you get a board you are stoked with!



How can I talk to someone about ordering the right board for my requirements?


Every customer is unique in their needs for the right board and the best way to achieve this is to communicate directly with Steve. Either by emailing steve@jarven.com.au, phone or text 0412 002 452 or arrange an appointment to meet in the showroom.



How long will my custom order take to be completed?


Standard custom orders take around 4 weeks. For orders with printed graphics, sprays or special blank requirements please allow an extra week.



How do I bring some colour into my life?


There are several options for adding some colour and graphics to your new board.

Printed Decals allow us to create complex graphics on computer and print them directly to a specialised fabric which is then glassed into the board during the laminated phase. You can either choose from our designs on the Surfboard Graphics page or send through your concept drawing for us to work from. You can even design your own and we'll print it for you. The specifically designed fabric used adds more strength to your board and is also used for our printed tail pads.

Printed tail pads provide extra strength around the fins and can add a unique look to your board. The material is printed in the same way as the board Decals, so any custom design or colour is possible.

You also have the option of spraying the whole blank a particular colour or colours before it is laminated.



Can I have a logo, lucky number or unique symbol glassed into the board?


Yes, we have had these requests before, such as the Russian star with hammer and Sickle or lucky numbers/Roman Numerals. We can design the artwork and print an individual decal especially for you to be laminated into the board. It can also be easily added to any printed Decal or Tail Pad design.



Does my new Surfboard come with fins?


Yes, all our boards come with a set of 3 Thruster fins from The Australian Fin Co. They are standard composite 45% Glass filled Nylon fins and come in 3 sizes - G3, G5 and G7. Quad fins are also available for an extra $20. FCS fins can also be ordered to go with your new board.



What weight of glass should I use?


4oz plus 4oz Deck and 4oz bottom - This is our standard and most popular option.

4oz plus 6oz Deck and 4oz bottom - For if you are a larger build or would like some extra strength for larger waves.

4oz plus 6oz Deck and 6oz bottom - A super strong board that is generally used on higher volume boards due to the extra amount of weight.

4oz Deck and 4oz bottom - The supalight comp board option.



I still have a question you haven't answered?


Drop us a line via email - or phone - 0412 002 452 and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may still have.