We offer several different techniques to customise and give your board a unique look and they include the following......

Spray Designs

Surfboard sprays can either be sprayed straight onto the Blank prior to fibre glassing or directly onto the fiberglass of a finished board. For complex designs where a lot of taping and pin lines are required spraying onto the finished board gives a quality finish.



¼ Shortboard: $45

½ Shortboard: $75

¾ Shortboard: $85

Full Boardup to 7'0": $100

Full Board7'1" - 8'0": $120

Full Board8'1" - 9'0": $140


Cut Laps and Coloured Resin Art

The use of coloured pigments or dyes in the resin to create different coloured boards is not a new technique, but has started to make a resurgence of late, especially in the Retro style boards.

When used with the “Cut Laps” method of fibre glassing you end up with a darker coloured outline around the rails where the layers of fibreglass overlap. 

Price: $100